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(MG MS-05B Zaku I)
> Yick... any good?

This kit is now available in HK & i looked at the box
art & side panels. it lacks leg thruster (i guess
because Old Zak is an early MS), and for all the
historical reason, it has to look simplistic compare
to Zaku II. That said, it's as detailed as it can be +
the relativity complete set of weapons made it
tempting for customers.
(Old Zak's hand-held spiked shield)
> Is it basically just the regular MG Zaku shield
> turned over with spikes?

that's it!

> Anything special?

other than the fact that it's Old Zak who use this
kind of shield long before Gelgoog Marine, i guess
> Can it store the new rifle anywhere on the body?

the 240mm bazooka can be store behing the waist a la
Gundam mkII, but no buckles to snap on the machine
it must be held by hand.

> Does the new rifle look pretty much identical to the
> classic 120mm gun except for the magazine?

look pretty much like the 120mm, but it has a smaller
calibre (105mm). Also it's the very first Zaku machine
gun. I have some vague memory the '80s LG/UG Old Zak
model kits also come with this.

(Old Zak BT version)
>> You get the same weapons as the regular version,
>> minus the spiked shield
> DANG! Now that sucks!

but u'll also get one of the mini figure of the BT
member w/ this kit. This, PLUS the minifigure from the
MG Zaku II BT version AND the one from MG Dom, will
complete the BT team! some great marketing from
Bandai, eh? :P

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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