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(why Gann was not equipped w/ firefrms)
> One wonders why they didn't just hand it one of
> those Zaku 120mm MGs anyway, just to give it a
> chance. (Maybe 'cause it doesn't work on the
> Gundam so there's no point?)

that being the case, i suspect the appearance of Gann
in such a way is to make it look dramatic on TV (back
then) to fit the 'medieval knight' image.

(shield in later UC period)
> Right! In the ZG/ZZG/CCA era shields became just
> as much 'binders' for extra equipment as defensive
> impliments, and so many MS carried them!

one thing that bother me the most was Zeta Gundam's
shield. It's basically the abdominal part of the Wave
Rider to withstand the heat upon entering the Earth
atmosphere. That means in principle it can withstand
very high temperature (i.e. very tough), but in
reality it still unable to block a relatively
high-impact shot from beam rifles or missiles. I
always wonder does it make sense.

(Gouf Custom's 'Gatling Shield')
> It's really cool, isn't it?
> And actually, I think it CAN be used as a shield!
> From what I've heard, when the ammo has been
expended > the gatling cannon, ammo-drum and handgrip
are dumped > and it becomes a standard shield with a
sword in it!

i've watched the 08th MS Team OVA, & that's exactly
what you've described when Gouf Custom needs some
extra mobility. (in the OVA, Gouf always hold the heat
sabre on its right hand). Problems still arise: 1)
even though GC is a humanoid MS, one must doubt that
its right arm is flexible enough to reach to the
top-end of the shield & grab the butt of the heat
sabre (where it's supposed to be stored according to
the model kits instruction); 2) due to gravity, this
Gatling shield package, couples w/ the ammo drum, &
GC's 3-barrel arm-mounted machine cannon, is already a
clumsy package. Adding the heat sabre to the shield is
even more a burden; 3) in the OVA, when the Gatling
Gun was dumped, it also dropped the metallic frame
that holds the gun, the ammo drum & the hand grip
because they r built as one unit, and it's this frame
that provide storge space for heat sabre. so if the
gatling gun is to be dropped, the heat sabre must be
pulled out BEFORE the drop, otherwise the scene will
be pretty hilarious!

> I only wish the 08MST Zaku could store its heat-hawk
> somewhere on its armor, etc.

I think, like all other Zakus, the 08 ones have a
little snapping buckle on the left side of skirt armor
to snap on the heat-hawk. Come to think of it, the
hawk is still a large size weapon for Zaku's right
shoulder shield to store it. it may work on later
models such as Z's Murasai & ZZ's Zaku III, but by
then they r using beam weapons. :-(

Colin Liu.
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