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Spoilers galore!


>The movie suffered greatly by being overtly geared towards kids. No one
>on this list, no one over 12 years old can tell me he liked Jar Jar's
>obvious, worthless dialog. That is, in those rare moments when you could
>understand what the hell he was saying. Anakin's child friends where, as
>a group, the worst actors and also totally useless to the movie. Too much
>of it was only there for children. This is counter to the other three
>movies. I'll tell you what I loved and hated about "Phantom Menace".

>5) watching true Jedis at work. No fear, no panic, they were young and
>agile. I thought Jinn's burning through those armored doors with his light
>saber was great. I loved how fast they could run and how they could jump
>high and shove things away effortlessly.

Yes, they were superb. Jedis were shown to be very skillful.


>3) the idiotic Braveheart decoy battle. That was the most strategically
>worthless battle possible. What army would employ Napoleonic tactics when
>they have tanks, energy weapons, ships, etc? I was hoping, so hoping, for
>an intelligent fight. A fight underwater. The water aliens should have
>drawn the robot army down where they'd have the advantage. Water is their
>element, they have submarine pods, there'd be plenty of opportunities to
>use those massive sea creatures as traps, etc. And it would have still
>served the plot. Better, by far, than what we got. Episodes 4, 5 and 6
>did not have tactically idiotic fights. And even if the battle droids
>are programmed to fight like that, what where those aliens doing in an
>open field when they had jungles and oceans to provide cover?

what were those "energy balls" the gungans used? they looked like a video
game powerup to me. The Gungans had energy shields but only slings? (I'm
shaking my head pathetically. Lucas, Lucas....what were you thinking?)

Okay, I got the episode I cross sections book. (I'm a sucker for those
detailed cross section drawings). It explained that of the 20 or 30 trade
federation battleships in orbit, only one of them was a control ship. The
others were merely transports. The control ship has about 2 dozen large
antennae on its ring that the other ships lack. It also has a two page
spread on the transforming droid fighter- unfortunately there is nothing
about the destroyer droids (the rolling droids).
Also, I've noticed that the queen's transport looks suspiciously like an
SR-71 with chrome plating.


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