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On Mon, 24 May 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
> I mean, it's definately not 'mega detailed', so the only thing that can
> still make it super-cool is ultra-articulation!

Well accuracy to the original anime works for me too.

> Cool! So it's actually as flexible leg-wise as the Gouf-Custom! That's
> great, I guess that must mean that it must be using the new GWEWFA joint
> system instead of the old GX joints?

The range of motion could be even larger than Gouf Custom, but more to the
point, the hip has corresponding freedom. In Gouf Custom, the knee
articulation was wasted because the skirtarmor gets in the way of the

I don't have any GWEWFA nor GX. But I can tell you that the GC knees look
like Gouf Custom knees.

> Did you see the pic of the side of the un-weathered Guncannon model? It
> looks REALLY cartoony without some heavy added-in weathering,

You know what? I am actually quite excited about that one. What if it's
the unpainted one? So it could be moled in 4 colors at least (red,
yellow, cannon grey and feet grey). Won't be too much to ask for head
molded in white? If it got 0080 style visor, I'd scream! But it probably
just get 08MST style visor sticker. Pure speculation of course, but I
sure can dream :)

To be honest, the "heavy added-in weathering" is really over-done. In
fact, it's not even weathering, it's some weird anime styling. Kinda like
the scratch-built(?) Guncannon that won some contest in Apr issue of HJ.
It's actually Warhammer 40,000 styling, not my cup of green tea.

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