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Probe writes,

> Excellent! So it can sit down and everything. The arms look reasonably
>flexible too...

  And I'm pleased to note that, as per the photos, the arms rotate just
below the shoulder joint rather than just above the elbow - the latter
being an ugly compromise made necessary in recent kits by Okawara's current
aversion to plausible joints.

> Spray Missile Launchers? I don't really recall those, what do they look
>like? These aren't boxy things are they?

  They're these stubby pencil-shaped things with multiple launcher openings
on the tips, kinda like the missile launcher pods on the Dopp fighter. They
should be shown in the line art sections of most Gundam reference books
that cover the original series.

> On the other hand, at that price and so cheap it's ripe for kitbashing
>and tearing up for parts.... still, the lack of polycaps is really kinda

  That's the spirit - think of it as a cheap parts selection. Hell, you
could kitbash it with the HG Gundam.

> Nyeah, I don't think it's too likely... if it was gonna happen it would
>most likely have been #1 in the Revival series....

  Bandai seems to have taken a blood oath never to redo a mobile suit twice
in the same scale. For the 10th anniversary, we got the 1/144 HG Gundam;
for the 15th, the 1/100 MG Gundam; for the 20th, the 1/60 PG Gundam. I
guess we'll get a 1/72 version for the 25th anniversary. So it's a little
surprising they've revisited the 1/144 scale, even in such a half-assed

> On the other hand, we're gonna get the new MS-in-action PG version!

  Yep, though this is more of a 1/170 or 1/180 scale version. And the Micro
Gundam was approximately 1/220. Ah, Gundams for every conceivable scale!

-- Mark

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