Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 24 May 1999 17:45:53 -0700 (MST)

> But damn it's 300 Yens. You don't get something for nothing. Why bother
> with a retouched Low Grade kit? There is a ripe opening in the HGUC

  Unless Bandai is thinking about cutting-corners by exploiting their
monopoly on Gundam and cranking out even lower-grade models than the GX
LM and TA kits... (Shrug).

> series. And the Shizuoka Hobby Show folks devoted more display space to a
> retouched reissue than to MG Dom (the most anticipated release of the
> year?). I guess they are just teasing.

   All I can think is that they're trying to capitalize on the nostalgia
of the big businessmen at the convention ro something. It doesn't make
alot of sense, it's more of a sort of gimmicky hoaxy thing than anything I
can take seriously!

> Ohh, check out the new hipbox design for the chokokin toy in 29 and 30.
> Pretty smart. But the sides (the kidneys) must be movable then?

  Is it though? It seems more like a 'cheat' to me... mold the skirt
armors and thighs as one piece and now you only need the hip joint
instead of the hip joint and three skirt flaps. I.e., the skirt armor is
now attached to the thigh and not to the hips!
  And does the head look a little off to anyone else?

> Also the 1/100 Flat and 1/144 Waddom are labelled (the glare gets in the
> way a bit, so guesswork involved) "reference product". I wonder what that
> means? The labels doesn't give a release date and price.

  Prototype I'd wager....

> I like the 1/144 Waddom a lot, but I am probably alone on that count.

  Hey, I think it's really cool looking... for Escaflowne or something
like that. It's a neat design... as a model though it's simply too damn
HUGE! If that's how big it is compared to 1/100 kits, we're taking
something 18" tall (1/60 Gundam Territory). That's a monstrous hunk of
plastic, certainly bigger than what I have room for!


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