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On Mon, 24 May 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:
> The alternate barrels are the spray missile launchers designed for the
> original series. You couldn't really swap in 0080- or 0083-style retracting

Spray missile launchers? What are those? Is there a depiction of any
kind on the web? (don't think I've seen it in Mecha Domain)

> And according to the G-Goods newsletter, it won't have poly caps after
> all. In effect, it's the '70s kit with '90s detailing. Ah well, we can

Awww... I really hope you are wrong! The new release looks like it has
movable thighs, and IIRC, the 70s kit didn't have joints in the hip and
ankles. And it looks somewhat flexible too. (judging from an oblique
view of the side panel).

But damn it's 300 Yens. You don't get something for nothing. Why bother
with a retouched Low Grade kit? There is a ripe opening in the HGUC
series. And the Shizuoka Hobby Show folks devoted more display space to a
retouched reissue than to MG Dom (the most anticipated release of the
year?). I guess they are just teasing.

Ohh, check out the new hipbox design for the chokokin toy in 29 and 30.
Pretty smart. But the sides (the kidneys) must be movable then?
Also the 1/100 Flat and 1/144 Waddom are labelled (the glare gets in the
way a bit, so guesswork involved) "reference product". I wonder what that
means? The labels doesn't give a release date and price.
I like the 1/144 Waddom a lot, but I am probably alone on that count.

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