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> > It has taken "Return of the Jedi"'s place as weakest movie of the series.
> All I can say is nitpicker! It was a great movie and I happen to be 20. Jar
> Jar was annoying, but I liked him and so did my Aunt and Mom. I mean chill
> man, its aimed at kids, too. Jar Jar was for the kids, anyway. Jar Jar was
> useless, but the kids like him, so Jar Jar doesn't bother me. I don't want to
> start an argument, but the parts you hate, are nit picky. I wish people would
> start to learn to accept those little shortcomings, almost every movie or
> anime or TV has them. This is not a perfect world.
> Aaron

I don't want to start an argument, either. But I'll say this - complaining
about imperfect comps is nit picky, say, or being irritated with the new
cross-eyed Yoda muppet. Sure, nothing's perfect. But the other three movies
stood on their own as *movies*. Not kid movies, not set-ups for a series,
but on their own. This one does not, really, it's a pure set-up. A set-up
for Obi-Wan to train Anakin. A set-up to introduce R2-D2 and Anakin's
future wife. A set-up for the Emperor to find a new Sith apprentice. On
its own it was weak. "Aimed at kids" is not an excuse to make a movie with
that many poor aspects to it. Sure, I still liked the bulk of it. I'm not
a Star Wars freak, I don't know the homeworlds of every character or the
companies that designed all the fighters in that universe or any of that
fanatic shit so I'm not going to make excuses just because it has added to
my fantasy life. It was not a "great" movie. It was fun. It had great cg
visuals and beautiful cinematography, yes. It was technically exciting.
Jar Jar was for kids, Anakin's dialog was for kids, the pod race's announcer
was for kids, the gunplay was for kids (it was almost impossible to see
anyone actually get hit by a laser shot - compare that to the other three),
the battle droids were for kids. Very little was *not* for kids. These are
not "little" shortcomings. You want great movies? I say how about 2001,
Blade Runner, The Star Wars Trilogy, Apocalypse Now, Alien, Patton, Aliens,
The Thing, Close Encounters, The Elephant Man, Bullitt, Dirty Harry, The
Blues Brothers, The Matrix, Animal House, Apollo 13, The Seven Samurai,
Dr. Strangelove, The Pink Panther, Star Trek II, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's
Nest, etc., etc. No "little" shortcomings there.

Nit picky is crying because the Turn A Gundam has a moustache.


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