Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 24 May 1999 16:15:33 -0700 (MST)

> > >The Mobile Cow mode of the GC in the hobby show looks pretty simplistic
> > >actually, just lie down the robot and plug in new fists, turn the head up
> > >and that's it. Kinda looks like it's doing pushups.
> > Well, that's about all the actual Guncannon does...
> Both Probe and I had wondered aloud what the flexibilty of this Guncannon

  I mean, it's definately not 'mega detailed', so the only thing that can
still make it super-cool is ultra-articulation!

> surprised no one mentioned it on the GML so far, a pic in that issue
> clearly shows that the lower body is very flexible. The hip box is
> divided into two parts, the front half opens and allow the thighs to flex
> about 55 degrees (amazing!). The double-jointed knees are even better, it
  WIERD! You mean the front skirts open up, right? Neato! Nothing super
amazing there, but definately nice none-the-less!

> looks like it can flex more than 135 degress. One pic in fact show GC
> doing a sitting-on-tatami/torture-kneel pose. And it looks like the head

  Cool! So it's actually as flexible leg-wise as the Gouf-Custom! That's
great, I guess that must mean that it must be using the new GWEWFA joint
system instead of the old GX joints?

> can "look up" also. I don't understand why the Shizuoka Hobby Show folks
> didn't do a better job of posing the GC, it should be able to do a very
> credible MS Cow pose.

  Yeah, and there's only one picture of it, and it's fairly lame-looking
  Did you see the pic of the side of the un-weathered Guncannon model? It
looks REALLY cartoony without some heavy added-in weathering,

> Now that I get my MS Cow, I have to ask for more :) In the anime, the
> cannons recoil, i.e. the barrel bounces backward (along the line of fire)
> when the shell is ejected. Can the barrels of this HG model recoil-slide
> also? For that matter, does any Gundam model have sliding barrels?

  Not really, though the GXX has 'extending' barrels that can be used to
simulate 'barrel recoil'. The Zeta Gundam's rifle and hypermegacannon has
the same kind of feature, as do some other ZG/ZZG rifles...
  The Guncannon apparently does come with some extra barrels but whether
we're gonna get lucky and get some 0080 or 0083 style barrels (Yeah!) or
some 'shortened' stowed barrels (Yeah!) or just another kind of dumpy 1YW
looking barrels (booo!) We'll see!


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