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>Justin Palmer asks,
>> The latest issue of Animerica I've received has a review of
>>Girens Greed for the Saturn. Right at the end, it mentions theres a
>>possibility of a PSX version. Anyone know how likely that is? (I'm sure
>>someone must have asked this before, but... ) And how many orders of
>>magnitude less likely is it that a US version may be released?
> The PlayStation version is confirmed, and it's been previewed in Japanese
>game mags - see <http://gundam.aeug.org/archives/1999/04/0819.html> for a
>writeup on what's new and improved, by the same author. :-)

        Thanks for that - and for the link! You know, someone should
find out who that guy is... ^_-
> As for a US version, it's hard to say. Bandai Entertainment is supposed
>to be releasing the Macross VFX-2 game in the US, so Gundam games may be a
>possibility. Maybe we'll get more info on the subject at the summer
        Ah, Macross VFX-2 - I *knew* there was a reason I bought a
PSX... ^_^ Maybe this will be one for AnimeVillage.com...? ^_^

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