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I know all this, but what I meant is that when I extracted the xa file
of SRW F Final on Saturn, I found a drama bit where you could hear Sho
adressing Garalia. I, too, always thought she wasn't there because of
the voice actress, but there's still that strange audio bit, that's why
I was puzzled. I'll have to keep digging in that file.

    I think they took it out at the last minute or something (for the Saturn
version), and they never did have Garalia in SRWF or SRWFF...

By the way Edmund, did you finally get 100% of mechs and characters?
Is there any chance you did the psx version too? (I'm asking because I
don't feel like doing it and I'd like to know what the differences are)

    I think there's a few extra characters for Ideon and that's it...

BTW, I found a lot of Japanese utilities for PC, including a psw video
player which plays videos in real time (no conversion needed at all,
that's immediate). I also found a Saturn player but I haven't checked
yet whether it has sound.

    I have that too (for PSX). For Saturn, I don't think it will work with
all videos...

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