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Edmund Chiu wrote :

> Too bad, F Final was my favorite one (and I've done them all except for
> the Gaiden I haven't finished yet). There are a *lot* of great ideas.
> BTW, while we're still OT, has anyone seen Garalia from Dunbine? Because
> I've found a drama where Sho tries to talk her in joining Londo Bell.
> That's from 4SRW. She didn't appear in SRWF probably because they could
> find her voice actress... You can get her to join you if you can last 3
> turns without killing each other BTW...

I know all this, but what I meant is that when I extracted the xa file
of SRW F Final on Saturn, I found a drama bit where you could hear Sho
adressing Garalia. I, too, always thought she wasn't there because of
the voice actress, but there's still that strange audio bit, that's why
I was puzzled. I'll have to keep digging in that file.
By the way Edmund, did you finally get 100% of mechs and characters?
Is there any chance you did the psx version too? (I'm asking because I
don't feel like doing it and I'd like to know what the differences are)

BTW, I found a lot of Japanese utilities for PC, including a psw video
player which plays videos in real time (no conversion needed at all,
that's immediate). I also found a Saturn player but I haven't checked
yet whether it has sound.

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