Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 24 May 1999 11:57:21 -0700 (MST)

> MG MS-05B Zaku I:
> Box art CG by Katsuzo Ozawa. Accessories include:

   Yick... any good?

> Gelgoog Marine-style hand-held spiked shield

  Is it basically just the regular MG Zaku shield turned over with spikes?
Anything special?

> Heat Hawk
> Zaku II classic style machine gun (120mm?)
> Zaku I standard issue machine gun (95mm?)
> Bazooka (be can carried on its butt, right under the backpack)

   Regular Zaku 240mm 'zook here, eh? Well, so far pretty much a copy of
the MG Zaku loadout, but with the side-magazine drum-gun...
   Can it store the new rifle anywhere on the body? Does the new rifle
look pretty much identical to the classic 120mm gun except for the

> MG MS-05B Black Trinary Zaku I: (note: it's still named "Pricipality of
> CG box art by Bee Craft (rather lame, Ozawa did a better job, especially


> You get the same weapons as the regular version, minus the spiked shield

  DANG! Now that sucks!

> HG Universal Century 001: RX-77-2 GunCannon
> The box art is a cel-style of the upper torso of Gun Cannon, with a photo

  Basically 8MST style box art, eh?

> of the kit in one of its classic poses seen in the original TV series' OP.
> Comes with an alternative set of particle cannons, open palm for the

  What's this? What do the other cannons look like? Is this just for the
0080 extended/compacted gun look?

> diggie style pose (yes, it CAN do that pose!). The box is done in the same
> black background layout as the first 4 HG kits (Gundam, Zeta, ZZ, and Mk-II).

  Interesting... What kind of joint system does it use? Is it flexible?


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