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Mon, 24 May 1999 11:39:18 -0700 (MST)

> > if the Beam Rifle was 'in the works' but just not
> > completed in time for the big battle.
> that's what i suspect, too. you just can't duel w/
> Gundam w/o a firearm, be that beam rifle or
> shell-firing machine gun, etc. and don't forget that

  Right, and if the Gyan was _supposed_ to be a 'general purpose' MS and
not just a brawler (which doesn't make sense really) then it would _HAVE_
to have some sort of ranged weapon.... hence that weapon must have been a
beam weapon of some kind, otherwise the fact that the Gyan went out
without it doesn't make any sense.
  One wonders why they didn't just hand it one of those Zaku 120mm MGs
anyway, just to give it a chance. (Maybe 'cause it doesn't work on the
Gundam so there's no point?)

> > other gimmicks became the predecessors of all those
> > shield weapons systems we see later in Gundam! >
> (Particularly CCA).
> & that put the shield into maximun use - blocking
> shots, storing small firearms, extra beam sabres, etc.

  Right! In the ZG/ZZG/CCA era shields became just as much 'binders' for
extra equipment as defensive impliments, and so many MS carried them!
Ironically, shields generally seemed to get smaller and more tightly
packed as time goes on, until we get these little 'bucklers' in CCA, and
thin strip-like shields.

> too bad it didn't last long after CCA (see F91 onwards
> it's the effective but not so good looking beam

  Yep... that's one sad thing about the BS systems.

> shield) i think the most inspired example of Gann's
> shield as weapon is Gouf Custom from 08th MS Team -
> the shield is has no blocking function but serves as a
> platform for mounting high power weapon like gatling
> gun, plus w/ extra space to store the heat sabre!

  It's really cool, isn't it?
  And actually, I think it CAN be used as a shield! From what I've heard,
when the ammo has been expended the gatling cannon, ammo-drum and handgrip
are dumped and it becomes a standard shield with a sword in it!
  And I REALLY like the idea of keeping the sword in the shield, I only
wish the 8MST Zaku could store its heat-hawk somewhere on its armor, etc.


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