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> As for a US version, it's hard to say. Bandai Entertainment is supposed
> to be releasing the Macross VFX-2 game in the US, so Gundam games may be a
> possibility. Maybe we'll get more info on the subject at the summer
> conventions...

As a side note: Bandai was going to bring Gundam Battle Master 2 to the USA,
but two weeks after announcing it for USA, they canceled its USA release. I
was like, Idiots, why even announce something, if its going to be canceled
two weeks later. I hope they don't cancel VFX-2. I would love to have a US
version of Girens Geed, I have heard its a great game, but haven't played it.
BTW, Has anyone played, SW: Episode 1: The Racer, yet? If yes, is it any good?

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