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> Well, V-Gundam was actually appeared in the third SRW. So maybe just Usso
> and some few characters, but let's hope that they bring more characters
> more voice casts) in the SRW Complete Box, just like in Shin SRW.

    No, V Gundam never appeared in 3SRW, but V Gundam did appear in 2SRW

> It OK if you haven't finish F since in F Final there's a chance for
> a lot of characters like Hamann, Rosamia, Four, Gato, Quess, Sayla,
> and the G-Boys. Don't forget some cool MS like the Sazabi, Mass Produced
> Gundam (you can also choose to equip either Fin Funnels or an incom), Full
> Armor Hyaku Shiki Kai, Char's Custom Zaku II, GP02A (with the Atomic
> Bazooka), Yakuto Doga or the Neue Ziel, along with the Wing Gundam Zero
> Custom.

    You forgot that you cannot get Todd (a character in Dunbine) and an Aura
Battler unless you had played SRWF.

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