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> But just like in 0080, all the 0083 Zeon designs have been updated,
>modified, and in other ways improved... in some respects more so than the
>0080 designs, of which we got ALL of the Zeon designs, some of which for
>MS that only appeared in "Cameo" roles!

        For example?

> It was my hope that the MS Revival line would have finally granted us
>the 0083-i-fied designs we've all drooled over for so long. Sigh, no such
>luck! This leaves the Gouf Custom and Flight type as the only 0083-styled
>Zeon models out there.

        Hey, be patient, I'm sure when you get too old to hold a knife and
use superglue, Bandai will come along and release it as part of its XX
anniversary release. =)

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