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>There were two different Xamels seen in 0083, the only difference between the

        TWO?? When? I remember seeing only one Xamel/Zammel in the 0083, at
the hijacking, so where did the second one come from?

>YMS-16M Xamel
>Heavy Tactical Assault/Long Range Mobile Suit, Ground
>Dry Weight: 75.0 tons
>Full Weight: 121.5 tons

        Heavy bugger.

>180 degree turn: To slow to worry about.


>Armament: 680 mm Deloyable Howitzer x1
> 20 mm Cannon Turret x1

        Hmm.. didn't really see the 20mm in action, but I thought a 60mm is
standard for backup weaponry on MS/MAs? A 20mm won't really worry a MS.

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