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> It's a pity the Gyan never got a beam rifle, it's
> saber seemed plenty powerful as is, so I don't think
> it should have been a generator problem. One wonders
> if the Beam Rifle was 'in the works' but just not
> completed in time for the big battle.

that's what i suspect, too. you just can't duel w/
Gundam w/o a firearm, be that beam rifle or
shell-firing machine gun, etc. and don't forget that
when Gundam appears it's already the 8th months in the
Zeon-Fed conflict, and many MS/MA prototypes were
rushed to the warzone for field-testing regardless the
degree of completion (see Ziong and god forbids,

> One must reflect that the Gyan's shield-mines and
> other gimmicks became the predecessors of all those
> shield weapons systems we see later in Gundam! >
(Particularly CCA).

& that put the shield into maximun use - blocking
shots, storing small firearms, extra beam sabres, etc.
too bad it didn't last long after CCA (see F91 onwards
it's the effective but not so good looking beam
shield) i think the most inspired example of Gann's
shield as weapon is Gouf Custom from 08th MS Team -
the shield is has no blocking function but serves as a
platform for mounting high power weapon like gatling
gun, plus w/ extra space to store the heat sabre!
(from the instruction guide of 1:144 HG Gouf
Custom/Gouf Flight Type model kits).

Colin Liu.
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