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>> >It is the Zammel, anyone know if the name has any meaning at all?
>> And if they even release it as a 1/100 kit, it will tower over the
>> GP-02A.
> No chance man, we didn't get ANY of the Zeon MS from 0083 as kits, and
>no Fed designs past the Gundams themselves! I think the Zamel GK was a

        In the first place, in 0083, the only Zeon designs that MIGHT get
done is the Zammel, Dom Trop and the Neo-Axis (?). Oh, did they even do a
Gelgoog FS? Besides these 3, all the other Zeon designs have been done in
one series or another, whereas the Fed has at least 6 designs that have
never been seen before: GP01, GP01FB, GP02A, the improved GM with the new
thrusters, the Keith's GM and the standard GM. And we didn't see half of those..

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