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> at Odessa & return to space. In the TV series, he
> developed Gann in order to compete w/ Gelgoog as the
> next Zeon all-purpose MS to replace Zaku II, and Ma
> Kube devised a plan to capture/defeat Gundam by luring
> it to the Texas Colony & duel it out. Although Ma
> Kube's skill is no match to Amuro's newly-found NT
> ability, Gann proved to be a formidable MS,
> particularly in close-quarter combat situation. It's

  Though it's clear that the Gelgoog and Gyan were both conceived to
compete against the "Gundam Threat", the Gyan seems to be the one most
inspired by the Gundam itself! Its slim-trim lines make me wonder if it
was one of the first Zeon-type MS to use an internal frame instead of
monocoque construction... but it definately sports a more federation
design ethic than say, the Gelgoog with its more Dom-Like features. It's a
pity the Gyan never got a beam rifle, it's saber seemed plenty powerful as
is, so I don't think it should have been a generator problem. One wonders
if the Beam Rifle was 'in the works' but just not completed in time for
the big battle.

  One must reflect that the Gyan's shield-mines and other gimmicks became
the predecessors of all those shield weapons systems we see later in
Gundam! (Particularly CCA).


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