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Well you see that there are MANY series that are taken out and put back
in. As in the case of V Gundam, Its most likely the fact that they
couldn't it into the story that they were working on. While you beleive
that the story-lineisnt a problem it IS. G Gundam is mostly Master
Asia/Domon/His Bro/Rain while for Gundam Wing needs the Gundam boys and a
few other chara to work, V Gundam has a big storyline that begs to be done
as a full game(as well as the fact that they already have an equialent
force, the AEUG/TITANS/Neo Zion) its most likely it'll
be part of a future SRB Game. You also forget that in Essance 4thSRW(S),
SRWF, and SRBFF are all the same game with modifications so the story,
while heavily expanded upon in SRWF and FF, need to be basically hte same

As for SRW Alpha, don't expect any good info on it for a while..prob after
Collection comes out

On Mon, 24 May 1999 Flanker358@aol.com wrote:

> There is one question that's been bugging me for a while:
> why did Banpresto only used V-Gundam for it's Shin SRW game but not the
> others like SRW4S, SRWF, and F Final? I mean they had not problems fitting
> the likes of W and G so obiviously time-line isn't a problem.
> well, I just got F Final for PS....but not time to play it yet, I didn't even
> finish F.
> BTW anyone got any info on the next SRW game? (not the SRW collection)
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