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Mon, 24 May 1999 14:32:13 +0200 wrote :
> There is one question that's been bugging me for a while:
> why did Banpresto only used V-Gundam for it's Shin SRW game but not the
> others like SRW4S, SRWF, and F Final? I mean they had not problems fitting
> the likes of W and G so obiviously time-line isn't a problem.

Yeah, I see what you mean. I guess the reason would be that they didn't
fit the scenario at the time, gundam wise, SRW2 (famicom version) dealt
with the first series , zeta and a bit of double zeta; SRW3 featured
0083, TOS, a bit of F91, more Z and ZZ (and some CCA), the same goes for
EX. You can see they were already pretty loaded so V would have been
almost superfluous (and BTW, I'm not even sure V was over by the time of
But FYI there was a second version of SRW2 on Gameboy, appropriately
called SRW2G, which featured G Gundam and V Gundam. So, I hope this more
or less answered your question.
> well, I just got F Final for PS....but not time to play it yet, I didn't even
> finish F.

Too bad, F Final was my favorite one (and I've done them all except for
the Gaiden I haven't finished yet). There are a *lot* of great ideas.
BTW, while we're still OT, has anyone seen Garalia from Dunbine? Because
I've found a drama where Sho tries to talk her in joining Londo Bell.
> BTW anyone got any info on the next SRW game? (not the SRW collection)

If you mean Super Robot Taisen Alpha (tentative name seen at the end of
Super Hero Sakusen), a friend of mine who spoke with someone from banple
told me they had just begun the game. So I wouldn't bet on it being
released by the end of the year.
You should also check the Wonderswan version which was released last
month, it's truly great!

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