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> Not to mention the most of the VCDs are pirated
> stuff. Most likely, VCDs
> you obtain are from China/Taiwan with Chinese
> subtitles/dubs. Most are
> fairly illegal, thus the difference in price. Also,
> there is no accounting
> the visual and audio qualities, though I hear most
> are just fine.

In Hong Kong, the 0079 6-hr movies, Char's
Counterattack, & Gundam F91 have legal VCD release.
0079 movies are released as 2 different 9-vcd boxset,
one in original Japanese dialogues w/ Chinese
subtitles while the other is translated into
Cantonese. CCA & F91 are available as 2-vcd set, again
available in either Japanese or Cantonese version. The
qualities of pictures & translations, since it's
official release licensed from Sun Rise Japan, is

The 0079 TV series is available as either an
unofficial 16-vcd boxpack (each gatefold pack contains
8 vcds & hold in a large file-like box to complete the
set) the picture quality is excellent but the
Japanese-to-Chinese translation, especially the names
& nomenclatures, is a little inconsistant towards the
end of the series. Overall this is a must for all 0079
fans who wants to see the show in full-43 episode
glory. Highly recommended. The Gundam Wing TV series
is also available as legal separate VCD w/
translations at a very reasonable price (2

As for the rest (Z, ZZ, 0080, 0083, the 08th MS Team,
08ms team: "Miller's Report", V Gundam, Endless Waltz,
G-Gundam, etc) they r available as pirates imported
from Taiwan. While the picture quality in most case is
very high, the translation is sloppy (0083) &
sometimes downright awful (0080), to the point that
sometimes you have to shop around in order to find the
one w/ the best translations (e.g. episode #11 of 08th
MS Team, "The Vibrating Mountain (part 2)" there are 3
different version of translations!!). But we have no
choice 'cos VCD is the only format to watch any Gundam
series in HK. Overall, i'm satisfied.

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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