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> At 23:26 5/23/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >It is the Zammel, anyone know if the name has any meaning at all?
> Talking about the Zammel, anyone has any "hard" data on it?
> the designation means it's an experimental MA, and it clearly have a
> that can wipe out building blocks, but other than that I don't really
> much data on it.

Xamel is an experimental MA. It is armed with an Artillery cannon, a
cannon of some sort, Vulcan cannons, and a missile launcher. I had the
stats a
while ago from Burke's Big Mecha List, but it hasn't been posted to the
ML in a

Hey Burke! Could you post that list again?

Here's the stats for it in the Mecha! system:
 Xamel YMS-16M
 Super heavy class, unique. M.S. SI=12. Movement: skimming limit 6",
 3"/AP; Artillery cannon: 3D6, 60", RoF 1. Secondary Cannon:1D6, 10",
 RoF 1. Vulcan cannons:1D6,10", RoF 1. Bay#1: 8 missiles. P G D. 4D6
 regular armor, 1D6 heavy armor. Cost: 342.

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