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> Hello I have a question that have been bothering me
> since the day I
> discovered the existence of Gann. I watched all the
> three movies and found
> no trace of Gann. Although I now that he appeared
> in the tv series. So who
> piloted the Gann? Is this MS more powerful than the
> other Zeon MS? Judging
> by the appearance it doesn't look too tough, but I
> got to admit the design
> is "not too shabby".

(Y)MS-15 Gann was developed and piloted by Ma Kube,
the right-hand man of Kishiria Zabi. The 6-hr movies
cut away most of the Ma Kube's part after his defeat
at Odessa & return to space. In the TV series, he
developed Gann in order to compete w/ Gelgoog as the
next Zeon all-purpose MS to replace Zaku II, and Ma
Kube devised a plan to capture/defeat Gundam by luring
it to the Texas Colony & duel it out. Although Ma
Kube's skill is no match to Amuro's newly-found NT
ability, Gann proved to be a formidable MS,
particularly in close-quarter combat situation. It's
circular shield inc. powerful hide bombs & rockets,
but Gann lacks of beam rifles/other firearms limited
the MS to close-combat role, & subsequently Gann lost
out to Gelgoog in bids to be the next Zeon MS.

Colin Liu.
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