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> Talking about the Zammel, anyone has any "hard" data on it? IIRC,
> the designation means it's an experimental MA, and it clearly have a BFG
> that can wipe out building blocks, but other than that I don't really have
> much data on it.
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There were two different Xamels seen in 0083, the only difference between the
two was the missile launcher that they mounted. The first one we see has an 8
round anti-MS launcher, while the second one mounts a 16 round "standard"

YMS-16M Xamel
Heavy Tactical Assault/Long Range Mobile Suit, Ground
Height: 27.0 meters
Dry Weight: 75.0 tons
Full Weight: 121.5 tons
Generator: 1080 Kw
Thrusters: 10,300 kg x6
Max. Thrust: 61,800 kg
180 degree turn: To slow to worry about.
Armament: 680 mm Deloyable Howitzer x1
                                20 mm Cannon Turret x1
                                M Type/8 Missile Launcher x1
                                Standard Type/16 Missile Launcher x1
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