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>MG MS-05B Zaku I:
>Box art CG by Katsuzo Ozawa. Accessories include:
>Gelgoog Marine-style hand-held spiked shield
>Heat Hawk
>Zaku II classic style machine gun (120mm?)
>Zaku I standard issue machine gun (95mm?)
>Bazooka (be can carried on its butt, right under the backpack)

        Might be actually worth getting, just to kitbash. =]

>MG MS-05B Black Trinary Zaku I: (note: it's still named "Pricipality of
>Zeon Mass Productive Mobile Suit" like the grunt version, no special English
>name was given here)

        Better be careful here. IIRC, the Gelgoog B (?), the cannon verison,
had two different colour scheme on the side panel, but one of the 2 has to
be repainted. It could be the case here. (though I doubt it)

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