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Ok, The difference in vcd's and dvd's are this.
1, Dvd's are 20-90 $'s
2, vcd's are 2-?$
3, I own boath, but if you want to see a movie that is in the movies, 9
times out of 10, you can but the same movies in vcd format from a nother
country (or ebay :) ) for less than seeing it in the mvies, plus if you own
a computer with out a dvd but you have cd, You can watch vcd's on it. Also
If you need vcd software e-mail me and I will send you either a link or a
zip file of it. also finaly, vcd's are the best way to get an anime
collection cheaply with out edits or changes in script. Overall vcd's are
the best way to go, unless you have the dvd equiment, and even then, you can
( 9 times out of 10) play vcd's on dvd players. Just check your box. Also
you can play vcd's on your computer dvd player if you have mpeg decoding

One question, can you get macross vcd's (origional epps) subbed in english?

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>What are the differences, if any, between VCDs and DVDs?
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