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> > > And the Waldom is simply HUUUUUGGGGEEEEE! Though definately neat
> > Thats a 1/144 Wadome, BTW. I don't see how its the size of a 1/60 Gundam
> kit.
> Well, remember that a Wadome is 40m tall, which means that it's gonna
> tower over 'regular' 1/100 kits... (You can see in the pic that it
> actually looks twice as tall as the _1/100_ kits!) add to that the fact
> that it's posed 'in a crouch' and is so bulbous and bulky and you've got
> something that's easily as massive as a 1/60 gundam (which is a much
> slimmer trimmer design).

Ok, I see now, thanks for explaining. I want the 1/100 one just for its size
alone. The Wadome is very ugly.

> > Now, the Wadome would be 1/60 sized if they make a 1/100 version of it.
> > don't see how the Wadome will cost $100 though, even in 1/100.
> With shipping? I'd think so! Even so, we're talking something that's
> gonna be at least $60-70 retail... how much did say, the 1/60 V2 gundam go
> for? I figger maybe 1.5 times that price to make up for inflation and
> greater volume on the Wadom.

Oh, I see what you mean. I hope its not that much money. The box could be the
size of the 1/100 Endless Waltz kits, though, as their boxes are the same
size, but fatter. I'll order it from HLJ, they may take longer then American
stores, but at least I won't pay a fortune. It makes me sick when I see
Garaski kits going for $15, when HLJ has them for $8 something.

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