Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 23 May 1999 12:31:40 -0700 (MST)

> >actually, just lie down the robot and plug in new fists, turn the head up
> >and that's it. Kinda looks like it's doing pushups.
> Well, that's about all the actual Guncannon does...

  I was hoping its legs could manage more of a 'crouch' look, but
apparently without movable skirt armors it's just not possible. I was
expecting maybe some Gasaraki or WGEWFA-styled swap-out torso-hip parts
for that pose!

> > Excellent! From the pics, it looks like an old-style Dom with 0080 AND
> >0083 weapons. It's not as big of a compromise as I hoped, but it's still a
> Yes, it does have a heat rod.

  Any chance Bandai will do a "Zak-R" on this guy and sell a version with
0083-styled Dom-Tropen legs/feet?

> They're supposed to be about ten centimeters tall, which would be about
> 1/170 or 1/180 - halfway between the 1/144 kits and the roughly 1/220
> Micro Gundam series. It looks like the ankles may not move, though it's
> tough to tell at this point.

  Hmmmrrrmmm... Poseability looks decent, though the colors seem kinda
garish for some reason. I'm impressed at the Gundam's sole detail.

> >ORIGINAL kit again? What the hell? Just to show that "The MS revivals
> >really ARE better than the original kits?"
> The detailing and proportions are clearly different, identical to the
> PG Gundam. But it's not clear whether it has any more moblity than the
> original kit, and it looks like it's molded in plain white. Perhaps it's
> just the detailing that's changed, though one would hope it has polycaps
> and snap-fit assembly. We'll see.

  For the price, I really wonder... and the box looks just like the
original (Nostalgia)? I wouldn't be surprised if it's basically just the
original kit with reshaped parts (wierd!).

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