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Kota writes,

>I just had a chance to go to another website which features detailed
>summary of all the episodes (or more like review). As far as the story's
>concerned, it's starting to get really interesting.

  Agreed. I enjoyed the first couple quite a lot, and what I've read
about the upcoming stuff sounds even better. At any rate, I don't think
Tomino is going to disappoint me like Lucas. :-)

>PS. There's another note about Gundam Hammer. When White Doll found that
>armory, everythign except Gundam Hammer crumbled to pieces when it tried
>to grab them. So much for alternate rifles, panzer fausts.

  Ha ha! Cute.

>Also, the next MS to be excavated is NEITHER Hygog nor Heavygun. It's
>actually yet to be revealed.

  Interesting. Thus far, all the relics - even the crumbly guns, which
look very V Gundam-esque - have been from the UC chronology. There's no
indication thus far that the alternate universes are actually tied in to
the Turn A story; perhaps Tomino's promise to "encompass" them was meant
in a philosophical or stylistic sense? Who knows, maybe it'll turn out
that Turn A is the jumping-off point for the alternate universes.

  Sure, they could dig up the Nether Gundam next week and make my point
moot, but until then...

-- Mark

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