Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Sun, 23 May 1999 10:30:47 -0700

> > 1/144 RX-78 Gundam Y300
> I see alot of pictures of this, what's the deal? Are they reissuing the
> ORIGINAL kit again? What the hell? Just to show that "The MS revivals
> really ARE better than the original kits?"

Looks/IT is to be a remake of Perfect Grade RX-78 in a smaller scale, with
all the fluid movement that we expect from Bandai's kits nowadays. I
suppose if Bandai moves a lot of these then the low cost will probably be
justified. I am fully expecthing this guy to have PolyCap joints,
otherwise, yeech.

> > August 1/144 HG Universal Century Zaku III Kai Y1500
> Now this guy looks REALLY REALLY SWEET! They did an EXCELLENT job making
> this model look like a total badass! YOW! I like it!

Hmm... Is it just moi, or are these HGUC kits injection version of the more
popular B-Club GKs?

> > 1/144 Mobile Sumo Y600
> > September 1/100 Mobile Sumo Y2500
> Excellent looking robots, I look forward to snagging these guys, they
> can be made into Patlabors almost instantly! I wonder if the 1/100 has any
> gimmicks?

I knew you'd be grinning with joy, Probe.

> > 1/144 HG Universal Century Qubeley Y1500
> WOW! Finally! What a beautiful kit! I MUST HAVE IT NAAAAWWWWW!

One of the models I was actually considering plunking down $100s of bucks to
get the GK version, to match it against the HG Gundam Team. Not anymore. I
can get three of those and have them wreak havok on the HG Gundam Team. :)

Y. Choe

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