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(1/144 HG Universal Century Gann) Y800
> ...this looks to be more like a reissue of the >
classic than a reworking in the Gouf Style. But maybe
> it's because of the overall Gyann design, but it >
doesn't bother me as much in this case.

Notice the head is a bit too stretched than in the TV
series. The gadget shield looks good, though.

(TBA 08/99; 1/144 HGUC Zaku III Custom) Y1500
> Now this guy looks REALLY REALLY SWEET! They did
> an EXCELLENT job making this model look like a total
> badass! YOW! I like it!

They finally do some justice w/ Zaku III Custom. It
looks more like a Zaku than watching it in ZZ TV
series. I hope Bandai will release the regular (grey)
Zaku III on HGUC as well.

(1/144 HGUC Qubeley) Y1500
> WOW! Finally! What a beautiful kit! I MUST HAVE IT

Agree. a very nice kit, no need to deal w/ the LG
1:220 kit anymore.

(1/100 Mobile Flat + 1/144 Wodom)
> I wonder if those are prototypes...

yes they are. Not yet set for release.

Colin Liu.
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