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Sun, 23 May 1999 08:56:34 -0700 (MST)

> for the next few months. Quite the cornucopia!

  Yeah! I had no idea at the number of TOYS coming out, this is gonna be a
boom year for Bandai!

> May 1/60 PG Zaku II Custom Set #1 Y3000

  Looks like just clear parts and weaponry...

> 1/100 MG Zaku I Y2500
> 1/100 MG Black Trinary Zaku I Y2500

  I'm intriqued to see what the coloration is going to be like on these
guys, particularly on the arms and the white thighs/feet of the BT
mecha... I'll be very surprised and happy if Bandai actually molds them in
the right colors.

> 1/144 HG Universal Century Guncannon Y800
> 1/144 Mobile Flat Y600

  Definately interested to see what these guys look like out of the box!
The Mobile Cow mode of the GC in the hobby show looks pretty simplistic
actually, just lie down the robot and plug in new fists, turn the head up
and that's it. Kinda looks like it's doing pushups.

  I wonder if the 1/144 Flat can transform?

> June 1/100 MG Black Trinary Zaku II (R type) Y3000

  And it seems to come with the old-style Dom-like Bazooka! Yah! They're
finally giving these boys appropriate weapons! Again, I'd strongly
consider getting it if it's molded in the right colors, though I doubt it
will be.

> 1/100 MG Dom Y4000

  Excellent! From the pics, it looks like an old-style Dom with 0080 AND
0083 weapons. It's not as big of a compromise as I hoped, but it's still a
compromise in the right direction! This bad boy NEEDS the weapons! Does it
have a heat rod? I didn't notice one in the lineup.
  Of course, I'm wondering if we should wait and see what the
color/backpack variants of this guy are going to be... I'll wager there
might be a Dom Tropen too...

> 1/144 Mobile Capule Y500

  Weird color scheme on this guy, somehow it looks really immobile in the
pictures. Still, the detailing is fab-u-lous!

> Chogokin RX-78 Gundam Y4500
  Are they really releasing this, and the Zak-II AND the Turn-A as
all-silver toys too?

> MS In Action figure series Y1000 each

  I wonder if these are going to be made of the same Vinyl as the crappy
Kaiyodo LED Mirage and VOTOMS toys (My VOTOMS robot broke his leg coming
out of the _packaging_! Augh). You'll note the picture of the Zak-IIS has
a badly warped bazooka! If these are the promotional pictures, one wonders
if Bandai is experiencing some QC problems.
   What's the size, roughly 1/144? For the price, if they can hold
together at all it looks like they'll still be worth it! No ankle joints
though, right?

> July 1/60 PG Char's Zaku II Y12000
> 1/60 PG Zaku II Custom Set #2 Y3000

  Yawn! Though I am tickled that they've expanded out the calves of Char's
Zaku with extra thruster 'pods' to explain the added performance. Nice

> 1/100 Turn A Gundam Y????

  Finally, an explanation for the Codpiece, it pops off and transforms
into a "Crotch Fighter"! Hee hee... I'm surprised though that this guy
doesn't come with all the Gimmick weapons that are going to appear in the
series. Weapons upgrade pack coming?

> 1/144 HG Universal Century Gann Y800

  Notice how the pics hide the torso? Again, this looks to be more like a
reissue of the classic than a reworking in the Gouf Style. But maybe it's
because of the overall Gyann design, but it doesn't bother me as much in
this case.

> 1/144 RX-78 Gundam Y300

  I see alot of pictures of this, what's the deal? Are they reissuing the
ORIGINAL kit again? What the hell? Just to show that "The MS revivals
really ARE better than the original kits?"

> August 1/144 HG Universal Century Zaku III Kai Y1500

  Now this guy looks REALLY REALLY SWEET! They did an EXCELLENT job making
this model look like a total badass! YOW! I like it!

> 1/144 Mobile Sumo Y600
> September 1/100 Mobile Sumo Y2500

  Excellent looking robots, I look forward to snagging these guys, they
can be made into Patlabors almost instantly! I wonder if the 1/100 has any

> 1/144 HG Universal Century Qubeley Y1500

  WOW! Finally! What a beautiful kit! I MUST HAVE IT NAAAAWWWWW!

> Unknown New Material Model Turn A Gundam Y7800


> 1/100 Mobile Flat?
> 1/144 Wodom?

  I wonder if those are prototypes... the 1/100 Flat and 1/100 Sumo really
don't look any better/more-detailed than their 1/144 counterparts, just
bigger. And the Waldom is simply HUUUUUGGGGEEEEE! Though definately neat
and unique to look at, it's as big as a 1/60 Gundam kit and MUCH more
massive! I'm not gonna pay $100 for something like that! Instead, I wish
they'd come out with a 1/220 kit of it or something.


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