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(0079 movie trilogy)
> ...My biggest regret is the disappearance of some >

not only that, in the movies some of the original TV
series' BGMs got an orchestral re-recording. Maybe i
am biased, but i think they sound inferior and
underwhelming than the cheesy TV original BGMs.

> but overall, they supressed the strangest mechas
(mm, > they should have left the Gann for Ma Kube to
> correctly) and managed to make a consistent story.

MSM-10 Zock, the worst piece of Zeon mechas which
literally did nothing in the TV series, still has its
place in the movies (they can't cut it 'cos its part
of Char's invasion to Fed's Juburo base), & since much
of the Ma Kube's parts in TV were cut in the movies,
so Gann got the chop & the sabre-dueling scene in
Texas Colony was (skillfuly) replaced by Char's
Gelgoog. That's the trade off for watching
super-concentrated movies.

> Last Blitz of Zeon was a real failure (for almost
> the same "compression" ratio)

Well, Last Blitz's more like a money grabbing exercise
from Sun Rise. We all amazed when "The Miller's
Report" (the movie version of The 08th MS Team OVA)
offers a brand new perspective in summarizing a Gundam
series, & complain loudly when cutting floor exercise
like "Last Blitz" got nothing new to say.

With no offence to all the North American Gundam fans
who can only access 0079 by means of 6-hr movies & has
yet watch Z/ZZ etc, but i think edited movies are
mainly for those who r too lazy to buy/rent the TV
originals but want to know its story in a hurry.

> 君は時の涙を見る.

you said it better than the English translations. :)

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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