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I just had to say that upon seeing The Phantom Menace a second time I totally
beg you to disregard my previous postings. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! a few of the
seeming plotholes clicked in my brainfinally and I realized they really
weren't holes at all, or the few real holes that were there really weren't
that bad. I loved it 100% the second time and I do have a few answers to
some holes mentioned on the list...

1. Why did the Droids "conveniently not fire at Anakin's hip inside the
hanger of the Space Station until his Shields were on?-----Because if you
watch in the rest of the movie, the Droids don't fire at targets who
surrender or seem to pose no threat. Anakin's shields weren't the only thing
off, the whole ship was messed up. So the droids saw no reason to keep
shooting it until EVERYTHING on the ship came back on and it became a threat
again. I mean if the ship had been working except for the shields, It would
be strange that they didn't fire, but when you stop to realize the obvious...
well you get the picture

2. What the hell did Darth Maul want revenge for?----The annihlation of the
Sith 1000 years ago. Obviously a Sith contingent has been in hiding for
Sidious to have gotten to be a Master by the time of this movie. It isn't
like one minute you have no powers but then you do. Though I still can't
figure out why the Jedi haven't detected a dark presence in the force when
they are haging out with good old Senator Palpatine... But then again..

maybe the reason they didn't recognize/make a big deal about the evil of
Palpatine is that they think all of the Bureaucrats/Senators are scumbags????

Well I can go on and on but the Point is this:

If you didn't like it, try seeing it again! I am living proof that it IS
better the second time!!!
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