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>I want to buy some Gundam Music CD's, but am overwhelmed by the variety I
>have access to. All I have seen of Gundam anime is Wing Gundam. Which
>have the best music? has ton's of Gundam CD's. Its easy
>to find them. Anyone suggest which ones to get?
>I will be grateful for any help,
>I'd suggest to buy only music CDs from shows that you've seen.
>Often the music sounds better when you're already familiar with it based
>on having seen it used in the actual show. A lot of the BGM CDs sound weak
>by themselves because they were so tailored to the visuals when played by
>itself on a CD player they sound boring and/or weak.
>Of course, there are always exceptions. For BGM/score, F-91's OST stands
>exceptionally well on its own as music. There are tons of CDs released
>from the original TV series/movie trilogy. Be very selective with these,
>since most of them sound dated unless you grew up watching the show, and
>there are a lot of CDs that have more "radio drama" than actual music in
>Here's my own personal assessment of the music CDs by series:
>- Original TV series/movie trilogy:
> Go with the OST for the 2nd movie. Stay away from the Symphonic Poem.

Haven't heard this one

>- Zeta Gundam:
> 3 OSTs, I recommend the first two. The Symphonic Zeta Gundam is a
> must-have.

I think so, the TV op and end is very good

>- ZZ Gundam:
> Not recommended unless you've seen the show and liked the music.
>- 0080:
> Only 2 "Sound Sketch" CDs. First one is stronger than the 2nd one.
>- CCA:
> Only 1 CD. Very good, recommended.

Haven't heard these too, but CCA's beyond the time isn't bad

>- 0083:
> There's a 2-CD box (which is released for the movie edition IIRC) but
> there are also 2 OST CDs. If you like 0083 then you should get all 4.
> There are also 2 "radio drama" CDs, which you don't need unless you
> understand Japanese.

0083 has the best musics of all gundam series

>- F-91:
> The OST is good, but the cues used in the film have been rearranged
> into six symphonic suites, the studio recorded version appears on
> the F91 Symphonic Poem, and the live version appears on the Gundam
> Concert Live Special, which also includes a prologue of medley from
> previous UC Gundam shows. All 3 are recommended, although the latter
> 2 are almost identical but for the live prologue.

Same thought with Eddie on this one

>- Victory Gundam:
> 3 OSTs, I liked the first one but 2 & 3 are a bit unbalanced. There's
> also a V Gundam Symphonic CD but I haven't had any luck finding it.
> If you haven't seen the show, these are probably not a good starting
> place for CCs.

Haven't heard any of these

>- G Gundam:
> AVOID AT ALL COSTS unless you are a fan of Japanese music for
> the elders!!!

Don't think so, the music is quite good, The op of G are good, the ends are
good too. And don't forget the In My dreams, very good song

>- Wing Gundam:
> 4 OST CDs (sick!), only the first one was cool. By the 4th one it
> became obvious they were just milking fanboys (and girls, of course)
> for all their worth, since they got the voice actors to each
> contribute a pop song instead of having a collection of music from
> the show itself...

Better buy the two mix album cause all good musics in GW comes from them

>- X:
> Personally I think the music is very decent across the 3 OST CDs,
> but your mileage may vary.

It's maybe not a good one to start

>- Endless Waltz:
> 1 CD. Nothing to write home about.

Some "burning" music, quite good

>- 08th MS Team:
> 2 "Reports" CDs, 1 symphonic CD (the most boring Gundam music I've
> heard so far), probably with 1 more "Report" CD to come.

Haven't heard

>- 20th Anniv. Special Symphonic Concert:
> 2 CDs and a videotape. The orchestra's instrument make-up did not
> sound as good as the Zeta of F91's setup, and the playing was less
> inspired, too. But it's a good place to sample a little bit of
> Gundam music from each series.
>- Reverberation in Gundam:
> A collection of image songs and pop songs from Gundam Movie II & III.
> Not really representative of any series, consider it more of a
> tribute to the original series/trilogy.
>- Psychegundam/Four's Counterattack:
> A must for fans of dance/techno/house music. Songs from Zeta, ZZ,
> and the original series radically rearranged in groovy techno style
> yet sounding sickly like the original version. :)

Haven't heard either


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