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Nightingale wrote :
> --- wrote:
> > I have heard Zeta is really good.
> the 50-episodes Z Gundam, IMHO, is just as good
> as the classic 43-episodes 0079 TV series. Skip
> all the 6-hr movie thing, they didi the classics
> no justice.

I can't agree here, at least not for the third movie which was really
great and remains in my heart a Masterpiece of Gundam. I love the first
series but the narration is kinda dull at some times (this discussion is
almost the same as about Zeta movies in fact) and it doesn't have the
same pace as the movies because of weekly obligations. My biggest regret
is the disappearance of some BGMs but overall, they supressed the
strangest mechas (mm, they should have left the Gan for Ma Kube to die
correctly) and managed to make a consistent story.
Last BLitz of Zeon was a real failure (for almost the same "compression"
ratio) while this is just great!
Yeah, and one last thing which makes the movies great: star children, ai
senshi and meguriai :-)

And BTW, I have to agree it's really hard to choose between Zeta and TOS
but I'd go for Zeta, at least because of some of the new characters and
their voice actors.

-- Djallel
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