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James Boren wrote:

> >- 0083:
> >
> > There's a 2-CD box (which is released for the movie edition IIRC) but
> > there are also 2 OST CDs. If you like 0083 then you should get all 4.
> > There are also 2 "radio drama" CDs, which you don't need unless you
> > understand Japanese.

I forgot to meantion I have the first 0083 CD cinema (I always thought cinema
meant something along the lines of 'moving pictures', not 'audio drama', but
anyway...), and that was Y3000 poorly spent. I can rest easy about no getting
those Gaia Gear Radio Drama CDs. The only think I can say I go out of that was
the OP/ED versions (ie the short versions) of the The Winner, magic, Men of
Destiny and Evergreen whithout having to edit the music myself.

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