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> I want to buy some Gundam Music CD's, but am overwhelmed by the variety I
> have access to. All I have seen of Gundam anime is Wing Gundam. Which series
> have the best music? has ton's of Gundam CD's. Its easy
> to find them. Anyone suggest which ones to get?
> I will be grateful for any help,

As someone has said, prolly best to get soundtracks for series the you have
seen. My personal collection includes:

CCA OST: a must get. Tho the orchestrals get repetitive, it's still very
pleasant to listen to, and IMO surpasses Hisaishi Joe's works for Miyazaki's

Gundam Singles History: I only ever listen to one or two songs, which I have
on another disc with other music I actualy enjoy listening to

F91 OST: I found the orchestrals very Star Wars-sy. I didn't like it that
much. I only bought it for the Eternal Wind track. If it is Eternal Wind you
are after, get the Single or one of Moriguchi Hiroko's Best of Collections (you
will be pleasantly surprised)

0083 OST: I would avoid (yes *avoid* it). If you want the OP/ED get the CD
Singles, but you will miss out on egnlish version of The Winner (Back to
Paradise) and Men of Destiny (Oblivion) and Evergreen (Star Bright). The
orchestrals just weren;t as catchy as CCA or even F91.

F91 Concert: Very good, better than the OST, but prolly not really worth the

get. I have actually copied the audio tracks from the ZG game (both discs) onto
CD for my personal use. BTW does anyone have Gundam Odessy (circa 91)? I've
always wanted it, but when it was available it was just too darned expensive for

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