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>I want to buy some Gundam Music CD's, but am overwhelmed by the variety I
>have access to. All I have seen of Gundam anime is Wing Gundam. Which series
>have the best music? www.animenation.com has ton's of Gundam CD's. Its easy
>to find them. Anyone suggest which ones to get?
>I will be grateful for any help,

I'd suggest to buy only music CDs from shows that you've seen.
Often the music sounds better when you're already familiar with it based
on having seen it used in the actual show. A lot of the BGM CDs sound weak
by themselves because they were so tailored to the visuals when played by
itself on a CD player they sound boring and/or weak.

Of course, there are always exceptions. For BGM/score, F-91's OST stands
exceptionally well on its own as music. There are tons of CDs released
from the original TV series/movie trilogy. Be very selective with these,
since most of them sound dated unless you grew up watching the show, and
there are a lot of CDs that have more "radio drama" than actual music in it.

Here's my own personal assessment of the music CDs by series:

- Original TV series/movie trilogy:

        Go with the OST for the 2nd movie. Stay away from the Symphonic Poem.

- Zeta Gundam:

        3 OSTs, I recommend the first two. The Symphonic Zeta Gundam is a

- ZZ Gundam:

        Not recommended unless you've seen the show and liked the music.

- 0080:

        Only 2 "Sound Sketch" CDs. First one is stronger than the 2nd one.

- CCA:

        Only 1 CD. Very good, recommended.

- 0083:

        There's a 2-CD box (which is released for the movie edition IIRC) but
        there are also 2 OST CDs. If you like 0083 then you should get all 4.
        There are also 2 "radio drama" CDs, which you don't need unless you
        understand Japanese.

- F-91:

        The OST is good, but the cues used in the film have been rearranged
        into six symphonic suites, the studio recorded version appears on
        the F91 Symphonic Poem, and the live version appears on the Gundam
        Concert Live Special, which also includes a prologue of medley from
        previous UC Gundam shows. All 3 are recommended, although the latter
        2 are almost identical but for the live prologue.

- Victory Gundam:

        3 OSTs, I liked the first one but 2 & 3 are a bit unbalanced. There's
        also a V Gundam Symphonic CD but I haven't had any luck finding it.
        If you haven't seen the show, these are probably not a good starting
        place for CCs.

- G Gundam:

        AVOID AT ALL COSTS unless you are a fan of Japanese music for
        the elders!!!

- Wing Gundam:

        4 OST CDs (sick!), only the first one was cool. By the 4th one it
        became obvious they were just milking fanboys (and girls, of course)
        for all their worth, since they got the voice actors to each
        contribute a pop song instead of having a collection of music from
        the show itself...

- X:

        Personally I think the music is very decent across the 3 OST CDs,
        but your mileage may vary.

- Endless Waltz:

        1 CD. Nothing to write home about.

- 08th MS Team:

        2 "Reports" CDs, 1 symphonic CD (the most boring Gundam music I've
        heard so far), probably with 1 more "Report" CD to come.

- 20th Anniv. Special Symphonic Concert:

        2 CDs and a videotape. The orchestra's instrument make-up did not
        sound as good as the Zeta of F91's setup, and the playing was less
        inspired, too. But it's a good place to sample a little bit of
        Gundam music from each series.

- Reverberation in Gundam:

        A collection of image songs and pop songs from Gundam Movie II & III.
        Not really representative of any series, consider it more of a
        tribute to the original series/trilogy.

- Psychegundam/Four's Counterattack:

        A must for fans of dance/techno/house music. Songs from Zeta, ZZ,
        and the original series radically rearranged in groovy techno style
        yet sounding sickly like the original version. :)


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