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> Not only Moon Race, but Militia as well. One of the subordinates of Gwen
> seems to have his own agenda.

Ah, the plot thickens! That could make the show more interesting then it
already is. :)

> > Example: Maybe the Moon Queen
> > wants peace between the Earth and the Moon, but someone in the Moon's
> > millitary doesn't. Thats just one of the many really interesting
> > that Tomino could think up for later episodes. I can't see peace anytime
> > soon, though, as peace would defeat the purpose of the Turn A Gundam and
> > other MS from Turn A.
> Well, at least Moon Race and Militia look like they'll reach a settlement
> in next few episodes, according to episode summary in Gundam Perfect
> Web...

That's good, but I doubt the plot will for allow for total peace :)

I am really wanting to watch Turn A. This sounds like an interesting and
exciting anime. Hope I can get ahold of some episodes!

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