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On Sat, 22 May 1999 BlazeEagle@aol.com wrote:

> What's the address of that site you mentioned?


Keep in mind, that the site is entirely in Japanese, and no screenshots
or anything.

> That is an cool idea for the early episodes. Is there any info. on the 'Net
> anywhere telling how many episodes Turn A will run for? If it does well, it
> sounds like Turn A may run for quite awhile.

IIRC, Tomino said the series is planned to be 4 quel(sp?), which is
usually around 52 episodes. He is, however, willing to do this for few
more years.
> > Fortunately for him, Moon Race found his bread extremely tasty. Another
> > sign the life on the moon is pretty bad? As a matter of fact, the cake
> > delivered to the party was supposed to be delivered by Keith.
> That's sound kind of silly, until you think about it. The Moon must be a hard
> place to lve on, according to that about the bread. The Moon race could split
> into at least, two factionsin later episodes.

Not only Moon Race, but Militia as well. One of the subordinates of Gwen
seems to have his own agenda.

> Example: Maybe the Moon Queen
> wants peace between the Earth and the Moon, but someone in the Moon's
> millitary doesn't. Thats just one of the many really interesting variables
> that Tomino could think up for later episodes. I can't see peace anytime
> soon, though, as peace would defeat the purpose of the Turn A Gundam and
> other MS from Turn A.

Well, at least Moon Race and Militia look like they'll reach a settlement
in next few episodes, according to episode summary in Gundam Perfect


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