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>This just in:
>Newtype Illustrated Collection Gundam Fix: The Works of Katoki, Hajime
>(1999.3.31, Kadokawa Shoten, ISBN4-853049-6) 96 pages, hardcover in
>slipcase, 4,800
>There's a lot to like about this book. Not only does it contain 47 GG
>photo and model compositions by Hajime Katoki, all of the specifications
>are in English. There's also a 16-page supplement booklet with interviews
>with both Yoshiyuki Tomino and Hajime Katoki and scene-by-scene
>descriptions of each composition.
>So what's NOT to like? Well, the book is perfectly square, measuring
>10.375" (260mm) on a side, making it impossible to fit in any of my
>bookshelves. Also, while the Table of Contents lists every composition by
>page number, the pages themselves are NOT numbered, rendering the TOC just
>about useless with regard to finding anything without thumbing laboriously
>through the book.
>Here's a nice bonus, though: in addition to the MS specs, each scene lists
>the Romanized name of the MS pilot. These Romanizations are consistent
>with what we've seen in other recent reference books, but include a number
>of hitherto unseen names. Here's a list of the new ones, with a couple of
>the recent takes on the old ones for contrast:
        Where can I find this at? I've looked for it on a couple web-sites
but was unsuccessful in locating it.

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