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> It seems there were three versions: the original
from > Gundam, the 2nd generation mass-produced model
from Z > and ZZ and the "V Halo" seen in V Gundam.

Don't forget there's Amuro's very own 3rd-gen Haro in
Char's Counterattack, which he gave it away to Bright
Noah's son, Hathaway.

(2nd Gen Haro)
> Camille Vidan discovers it in Granada and it changes
> hands a number of times

here's where another Z's inconsistency come in. At the
end of 0079, the big-ol' White Base reunion (on board
of a escape spacecraft) inc. the fully functional
Haro, so how can they abandoned it on the Moon & let's
Camille 'discover' it?

> thereafter until Amuro bequeaths it to Hathaway Noah
> around the time of CCA.

i think Amuro built the 3rd Gen Haro himself.

Colin Liu.
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