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> To do it justice, a Z Gundam movie would, at the
> very least, have to be a trilogy like the original >
Gundam. Even that would compress the story severely.

That's the point. Many people in North America can
only access the 6-hr 0079 movies but not the original
43-episodes 0079 TV series. I can honestly tell you
that one will form very different opinion when watched
only one of the above. I watched the TV series almost
20 years ago and have the opportunity to watch the
6-hr movie trilogy, & the essence of the White Base's
camaraderie shown in TV series was mercilessly cut
away in the movie. For Z, I much rather to have a TV
redo w/ the Titans' mechas redesigned by someone like
Katoki. Another 6-hr chopping board experience is too
much for us U.C. Gundam fans.

(0083 movie "Last Blitz Of Zeon")
> Look what happened when they condensed Gundam 0083
-- > at 13 episodes, just over a fourth of the length
of > > the Z Gundam series -- into a single 2-hour

I know, but it sums up the OVA quite nicely w/o doing
too much harm, bur certainly we'll wonder what
happened to Kelly Lazyner. :-)

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Char Aznable, Z Gundam
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