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"Y. Choe" wrote:

> Sounds interesting, hold on.
> I know G Gundam has a several English songs, for instances, both OP have
> English alternative versions (I'm aware of "rust You Forever" in English,
> and something else, one of the EP songs). And of course, everyone knows the
> English songs for 0083, being "Magic" "Oblivion" and "Back to Paradise" (Did
> MIO did one English version of "Evergreen?")

> You know, something like Gundam Music Lyric Project or something. Just an
> Idea tha's all.

yeah I try to do several an post them on my homepage....but I'vew been really
bogged down with my playstation, Ultima online (and up until recently) thesis
matters.I don't just have Gundam songs, but a host of other JPOP.

               pika pika pikachu!
                  Michael Ip

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