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> This site is updated again with a new episode. Loran is dressed up as a girl!
> Ugh! He looks excatly a girl when he's in a dress. This has to be a funny
> episode!

I just had a chance to go to another website which features detailed
summary of all the episodes (or more like review). As far as the story's
concerned, it's starting to get really interesting.

For the time being, from episode one to the most recent episode is
forcusing on "how would people react to entirely new perspective". The
reivewer compared it to "how crusader thinks about the Muslims, compared
to how Muslims think about crusaders."

On a side note, the above site fails to mention anything about Keith. In
case you forgot who he is, he's another Moon Race who came down with
Rolan, and became an apprentice for bakery. He too, came to love the life
on Earth. Unlike Rolan, who is trying his best to help the co-existance
of Moon Race and locals, or Fran, another Moon Race who became a news
reporter and stay involved in the effort, Keith is avoiding anything to do
with fighting. When Diana Counter came to earth, he even suggested flying
away from Bostonia with Flat. After his boss at the bakery suffered a
broken bone by Diana Counter's attack, he was entrusted with his store.

Fortunately for him, Moon Race found his bread extremely tasty. Another
sign the life on the moon is pretty bad? As a matter of fact, the cake
delivered to the party was supposed to be delivered by Keith.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to watching the show now.


PS. There's another note about Gundam Hammer. When White Doll found that
armory, everythign except Gundam Hammer crumbled to pieces when it tried
to grab them. So much for alternate rifles, panzer fausts.

Also, the next MS to be excavated is NEITHER Hygog nor Heavygun. It's
actually yet to be revealed.

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