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This just in:

Newtype Illustrated Collection Gundam Fix: The Works of Katoki, Hajime
(1999.3.31, Kadokawa Shoten, ISBN4-853049-6) 96 pages, hardcover in
slipcase, ¥4,800

There's a lot to like about this book. Not only does it contain 47 GG
photo and model compositions by Hajime Katoki, all of the specifications
are in English. There's also a 16-page supplement booklet with interviews
with both Yoshiyuki Tomino and Hajime Katoki and scene-by-scene
descriptions of each composition.

So what's NOT to like? Well, the book is perfectly square, measuring
10.375" (260mm) on a side, making it impossible to fit in any of my
bookshelves. Also, while the Table of Contents lists every composition by
page number, the pages themselves are NOT numbered, rendering the TOC just
about useless with regard to finding anything without thumbing laboriously
through the book.

Here's a nice bonus, though: in addition to the MS specs, each scene lists
the Romanized name of the MS pilot. These Romanizations are consistent
with what we've seen in other recent reference books, but include a number
of hitherto unseen names. Here's a list of the new ones, with a couple of
the recent takes on the old ones for contrast:

Üso Ewin -- they've definitely standardized on the umlaut and non-doubled S

Emma Sheen -- possibly related to Martin and Charlie, but not the Asian "Shin"

Yu Kajima -- pilot of the RX-79BD-1 GM Blue Destiny

Judau Ashta -- again, not "Judo" or "Ashita" (Japanese for "tomorrow")

Hassaway Noa -- apparently written phonetically as pronounced in Japanese

Kamiru Bidan -- also phonetic from the Japanese standpoint, as "Camille" is not

Shiroh Amada -- this is the first time I've seen it was a terminal "H"

Rosamia Badam -- again, just like it sounds to a Japanese

Afransia Char of Zi-Zeon -- will this finally settle the question?

Kinkedou -- Cross Bone [sic] Gundam, which surprising has no model number

Adin Barnet -- pilot of the OZX-GU01A Gundam Geminass 01

Quattro Vageena -- yes, they seem to have discovered and corrected their gaffe

Ryou Route -- pilot fo the MSA-0011 S-Gundam


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